Nadira Jehan: Synopsis

After reading several books and sharing my favourites with you guys here on Lazy Bookworm, I now present to you my own work!


Nadira Jehan

Bollywood of the ’80s is said to belong to Amiran, a young actress who claimed consecutive hits at the box office. Her much awaited role of a courtesan, Nadira Jehan, never made it to the silver screen as the reverie was cut short by her death. Three decades later, she is back to take care of unfinished business.
Savita Raul is in Pilakhnagar to inspect a haunted Sheesh Mahal. What she thought would be yet another futile assignment turns into a quest for the truth of Amiran’s death. A breaking news story that will finally shake her career out of its slumber.
When Gautam Sidhh returns to Pilakhnagar after 16 years, he finds himself at a crossroads of identity in his hometown. Secrets from his childhood begin to surface and threaten to make him the nation’s next breaking news story.
Between Savita’s mission for the facts and Gautam’s struggle to keep them hidden, who will get there first?


What do you think?

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