I hate titles

Recently, the Facebook page for LazyBookworm has mysteriously been receiving a lot (an average of 4-5/week) of new likes. Of course, conventionally that’s not “a lot” but owing to my shameful laziness inactivity, it’s certainly strange. Each new like was a guilt-ridden nudge that I need to revive this blog (again).

This blog has helped my reading habits in many ways. It led me to take up the 52 books challenge in 2013, my best reading year so far. In 2014, I decided to go all out with classics, but then I got myself a job and had to kiss the challenge goodbye. However, it led me to finally read To Kill A Mockingbird which has comfortably entered my list of all-time favourite books. In 2015, I’m back to unemployment but this year too, my reading will be average, now that I’m working on writing one of my own (yay!). I’m sure it works differently for different people, but for me, when I’m working on something of my own, reading someone exceptional makes me doubt my abilities. “Ugh! I shouldn’t even try to write when something that brilliant exists!” Case in point, I’m currently reading Sea of Poppies by Amitav Ghosh and it’s filling me with equal parts awe and intimidation.

The idea for this blog emerged from my need to talk about a book that I enjoyed reading. Yes, I know there are book clubs for that but there are two problems with book clubs.
1) Do they even exist in today’s day and age? In Mumbai? Really?
2) They are a very social activity for someone like me who’d much rather prefer being behind a screen.

I never wanted LazyBookworm to be a “review” blog though I’m not sure whether I was able to maintain that distinction in my posts. Anyway coming to the point of this post —

Since I’m extremely lazy we’re living in micro times, I’ve decided to tweet about the books I read rather than blog about them. I’ll reserve this space for longer than 140-character excerpts that I wish to share. And multiple tweets for a particular book, will be compiled into one post here.

Find LazyBookworm on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Happy reading!


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