A Dry Spell

After living the dream – of voluntary unemployment – for a year, I succumbed to life and got myself a job. In my year of unemployment, along with writing, I did a lot of reading. This year, employment has claimed its first victim – my reading.

I’d already put myself on a difficult challenge this year which is now proving even more difficult with a job. I enjoy reading, I want to read in every free moment I get – but reading classics doesn’t exactly count as leisure reading. I tried to push in reading while I’m travelling to and from work, while I’m eating lunch – but I was finding it difficult to pay attention, or get back in the zone for a classic in those 20 odd minutes I found free. At the end of a work day too, I want to do something light instead of concentrate on a classic. So, I don’t think I’m going to be able to see my list through by the end of this year – although I’m going to try to read at least a couple.

In the meantime, I’ve lost touch with reading altogether. You know how sometimes no matter which book you pick, they all seem uninteresting and you want to leave them after reading merely 20-25 pages, I’m on that streak. Unfortunately.

Did you ever find yourself on a reading dry spell? Which book broke it for you?


What do you think?

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